Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Review: Long Cloud Ride - Josie Dew

I have only read half this book so far as I just got it out of the library and its a popular book so couldn't renew the loan straight away. But what I have read so far is enough to say this is a very fun read. Its a journal style recording of the trip, so you end up taking the journey with her. She is very fond of picking up on the local culture via observations of personalised number plates, news clippings, excerpts from local radio and personal interactions. She also makes it a point to mention each time she visits a shop or roadside stall to stock up on half a kilo of food. She describes the scary roads (NZ drivers don't sound the most careful, especially the logging trucks) and the steep inclines, as well as the amazing scenery, crazy wildlife and more crazy weather.