Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Review: Cold Beer and Crocodiles by Roff Smith

In 1997, an ex-pat American who had been living in Australia for 15 years, Roff Smith quit his senior correspondent position at Time magazine (no less), whittled down his possessions to what could be carried in panniers (no more) and set off on a voyage to figure out at the age of 38 whether to stay in Australia or return to the US, and just what was Australia anyway?

A plan in pencil

Note: It should say 2012 Jan, Feb for Tasmania.

July, August - Leave Melbourne, VIC coastline (yes, it'll be f. cold probably) (with some WWOOFing)
Sept, Oct, Nov - southern NSW coastline (with some WWOOFing)
Dec, January - northern NSW coastline (with some WWOOFing)
Feb - in Brisbane to visit the family and friends (their last chance to try to talk me out of the next bit), get bicycle checked over properly, and get care packages for the north and west coast organised (for post restante)
March, Apr - heading to Nth Qld and across to NT (will still be hot and humid, alas - end of wet season)
May, Jun - NT to Darwin (after wet season ends)
Jul, Aug, Sept - WA while the wildflowers are blooming, coolest time of year and little chance of cyclones)
Oct, Nov - SA
Dec - Great Ocean Road to Melbourne
Jan, Feb - Tasmania for cycling and hiking

The reason I'm being slack and taking seven months on the east coast to Brisbane is because I'm just finishing up a contract at work in June, and I have to time it so I don't hit the wet season up north. And, I do like the east coast a lot.

Still in pencil at the moment as I want to look into wind roses and other data to try to minimise headwinds, especially in western and southern parts, and general climate outlooks. Haven't worked out distances properly for actual time required to cross some areas (as well as looking into time required for fun side trips).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Review: Lone Traveller - One woman, two wheels and the world by Anne Mustoe

OK, I'll be honest. I more skim read this book than read it from cover to cover. Because its about travelling around the world and is so centred around Anne Mustoe herself I couldn't really get into it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009