Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Review: Lone Traveller - One woman, two wheels and the world by Anne Mustoe

OK, I'll be honest. I more skim read this book than read it from cover to cover. Because its about travelling around the world and is so centred around Anne Mustoe herself I couldn't really get into it.

What I wanted to get out of this book was inspiration, an insight into travelling solo on a bike as a woman, and information about the section of her tour(s) where she travelled through Australia. Well, the book covered all these things to varying degrees. The most interesting parts of this book for me were Chapter 6 about the Australian Outback, Chapter 10 Men and other animals, Chapter 12 Lessons, Appendix B Luggage Lists and Appendix C Journey Logs.

I guess I was turned off from this book a little because she is a credit card tourist. She hardly ever camps in a tent, instead staying in hotels; and she rarely (if ever) cooked a meal.

She has another book 'A bike ride' that might I might get a chance to read also.

Well I guess that's a really dry review for a book I found really dry.

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Jestess said...

I tried to read one of her books (and I can't remember which one it was now) and felt betrayed since I was expecting a book on touring, her challenges as a solo, female traveller etc, instead I found pages and pages of one most boring and painful history lesson after another.
If european history is your thing - this is the book for you - it wasn't what I was looking for.