Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Five year world-wide cycle tour by Nicolai Bangsgaard

I came across a website telling the story of Nicolai from Denmark, who is in the middle of a solo five-year world tour. The picture above is from his time in Australia.

I like the stats (about a year since update though): (Updated 16JAN2008, Melbourne, Australia)

Total km on bike: 25.950
Flat tyres: Approx. 9 (+ 7 in a day due to “inner tube problems”)
Stopped by police: 3 times (all friendly, curious)
Stopped by Australian police for not wearing a helmet: 5 times
Number of fines for not wearing a helmet in Australia: 0
Bike crashes: 1 (Tibet)
Bad belly: 2
Insects in the mouth: Numerous
Insects in the eyes: Numerous
Number of Australian bush flies: Minimum 865.750.000.000
Longest period without a shower: Approx. 14 days (Tibet, 2006)
Fastest cycling day: 26.1 km/h (116 km Day 567, Australia)
Longest cycling day: 10h 22m (Australian outback)
Max. temperature on a cycling day: 42 C (Australian outback)
Min. temperature inside my tent: -13 C (Tibetan Plateau)
Max. km. in a day: 226 (from Glendambo, OZ outback)
Min. km. in a day: 36
Max. speed: 82,5 km/h, near Lake Tatvan, eastern Turkey - yeehaa!
Max. litres of liquid consumer in a day: 22 L (OZ outback)
Days travelling: 647
Number of tyres changed: 4
Number of postcards sent: 0
Number of underwear worn out: 4
And the portrait every 1000 km page is fun.
Also check out his youTube.

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