Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kilometre freak-out

I just spent half an hour estimating distances involved in this mammoth (perhaps just as hairy) journey. Looking at the parts of the tour that are time constrained (Melbourne to Brisbane isn't)...

  • March, April 2011 (60 days) = "Qld" Brisbane to Mt Isa via Cairns, about 2905 km (or at least 30 days of riding)
  • May, June 2011 (60 days) = "NT" Mt Isa to Darwin via Kakadu, about 1922 km (or at least 20 days of riding)
  • July, Aug, Sept 2011 (90 days) = "WA" Darwin to Perth, about 4672 km (or at least 50 days of riding)
  • Oct, Nov 2011 (60 days) = "SA" Perth to Portland, about 4377 km (or at least 45 days of riding)
  • Dec 2011 (30 days) = "VIC" Portland to Melbourne, 566 km (or a leisurely 7 days or so of riding)
  • From there, Tassie, which will be at whatever pace I feel like, covering as much ground as I can.
Looks like the distance can probably be covered in the time I'm allowing. I don't want to look at this whole distance thing again - it makes my head hurt.

If I'm not a head case by September 2011 I'll be very very surprised.

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pooru said...

don't forget to add a rest day at least once a week. When I did Alpine track we needed a day for our body to catchup. Doctor explained if your exercising hard you can output 5000+ kJ/day but body can only absorb 4000 kJ/day ... or was that calories ... might have to check that ... but you get the point. Any extra food is just waste as body has it's limits!