Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting to thaw out now...

Unbeknowst to me, there was a frost going on last night. While I did sleep well, with only a couple of cold toes in the one pair of socks I was wearing when I woke up... everything besides my sleeping bag was coated in white, including the inside of my bivvy tent. Snow cones anyone?

Finally I can tell the war story of a frozen water bottle!

Here are some pictures from the past few days.

In terms of travelling, I'm still only doing between 30 and 50 km a day, but I'm doing a bit of exploring around the place and there is no rush at the moment. Due to late sunrises and early sunsets, it does reduce the number of hours I like to be on the road for.

So far I have had one flat tyre (it was a slow leak to begin with) and have had to adjust the centering/travel of my front brakes (the little screws in my canti brakes needed adjusting). I have cleaned my chain once too.

I'm currently stopped at one spot for a few days as there is a cold front coming through with strong winds on Saturday (tomorrow) so I'm just not going to bother travelling in bad weather if I don't have to. The Saturday morning forecast of "Damaging winds averaging 50 - 70 km/h will develop Saturday morning with peak gusts around 100 km/h" doesn't sound like much fun, as it will likely be somewhat of a headwind if I tried to ride it. I am not camped under any trees! Better get the down jacket and three pairs of socks out.

P.S. One of the great things about bicycle touring is the awesome people you meet along the way. Three people I happened to meet in Dec/Jan when I was doing a ten day tour happen to be touring again at the same time! They are Superbike Goes West and Yve and John. Check out their blogs too!


Scotty P said...

yeh worth battening down the hatches they say tmrw and sunday will be nasty. sun out monday but brrrr cold !

if you want a haircut too, just wet your hair and snap it off in the frost. easy !

Superbike said...

Wow, that is cold!