Friday, October 1, 2010

My favourite photos of the last three months

A quiet country road early in the trip with a lovely wide shoulder of perfect bitumen - July 2010

Free camping on the edge of Pyranees State Forest - mid July 2010

Free camping at Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun on one of those rare days with glorious sunshine - early August 2010

An early morning shot of Lake Lascelles - early August 2010

The first 1000 kilometres, in the Mallee region here with a long straight stretch of road - August 2010

The Grampians looming up ahead - late July 2010

Late afternoon, my first glimpses of the Murray near Mildura - mid August 2010

Murray River golden sunset - mid August 2010

Woorlong Wetlands: This just looks like the end of the world to me - Mid August 2010

Free camping near Psyche Pumps with me trying to be stealth with fallen branches - Mid August 2010

Kings Billabong next to free-camp spot, just before a hail storm hit at sunset - Mid August 2010

Murray River flooding and fallen River Red Gum at Echuca (this tree was standing at what was the waters edge before the floods) - Early September 2010

River Red Gum carnage near the Goulburn River at Seymour - Late September 2010
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