Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tour reading fodder

A couple of books I have picked up so far for reading on the big tour are these two.

David Malouf - The Complete Stories, which has been described as...

This is a comprehensive compilation of David's shorter work. Stories are set in the stark and challenging Australian interior and the more lush and mysterious coastal enclaves; others are set in Australia's past. 

The youthful dreams, physical desires and mental despair of Malouf's richly varied characters as they explore their place in the world are always moving and universal. 
Readers won't want to skim a single page of the 31 stories in this epic collection, a few of which are novella length. Together, they represent a quarter-century of a formidable craftsman's career.

and, The Portable Thoreau 

Anyone have any other suggestions? 

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