Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More gear

I have nearly got all the gear that I'm wanting for my touring kit!

The latest purchases were:

  • Topeak Tour Guide handlebar bag
  • Fiberfix temporary spoke fix
  • MSR Dromedary 10 litre water bag
  • MSR Miniworks EX water filter

Topeak Tour Guide handlebar bag - to replace the Topeak Drysack bag that fell apart after two days of touring through country Victoria. This doesn't have the same volume, but I think it'll be big enough to hold camera, my empty wallet, pda, phone, emergency chap stick, snacks and importantly it has a map case on top for easy de-lost-ification.

FiberFix temporary spoke fix - for when a spoke breaks that I can't easily fix on the road (like cassette side). An explanation of how it works can be found here.

MSR Dromedary 10 litre water bag - for the long gaps between taps! It's very light (until you add the water).

MSR Miniworks EX water filter - one of the most compact and sturdy water filters for the traveler, for the times when I can't quite trust the water in creeks, large puddles, etc. This couples with the dromedary bag too.

Also picked up a packet of water treatment tablets for when sourcing water from suspect contaminated rainwater tanks or when I don't have time to filter, and a trangia pot gripper (to stop burning my fingers or ending up with sticks on fire when putting on the stove snuff, as well as less precarious pot lifting/holding)

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