Monday, December 6, 2010

The coast: Favourite photos set #1

I posted my favourite photos of my little meander up to the Murray River a while back, and now I think its time for another set... my favourite 'arty' photos along the coast so far.

I liked the colour in these two shots from Bemm River
Bemm River

Bemm River

I like the depth in these two shots from Grantville


This shot from Grantville just captured the mood of a lazy sunset

I just thought this shot while the sun was setting at Inverloch was arty.

 A few of the shots I took at Mallacoota accentuated how other-worldly the place can look.

 I love the gradients in this one, and the first star.
I want to compile another set of shots under a different theme next I have a few spare moments.


Mal said...

Maree these photos are almost painfully beautiful like a stunning first dawn. You really are a top photographer.

Maree said...

Thanks Mal. I don't even know how to use the photo taking contraption properly :)

Superbike said...

Woaahh! Superb!