Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coastal useful plants

Carpobrotus sp - Pigface

Image sourced from ANPSA

Medicinal: Leaves can be used like aloe for sunburn, cuts, mosquito bites. Gargle made from the juice mixed with water used to treat throat conditions and mouth infections. Can also be used for skin conditions, cold sores, cracked lips. 

Food: Fruit is edible (suck out the flesh) but has laxative properties if you eat many.

Hibiscus tiliaceus - Coastal Cottonwood 

Image source: blackdiamondimages on flickr
Medicinal: The bark and roots can be apparently boiled to provide some relief for fever. 

Food: Young leafy shoots can be eaten as a vegetable.

Coast Banksia - Banksia integrifolia

Image from
MedicinalA syrup made from the nectar can be used like honey to sooth sore throats.

Food: Stroke the flower spikes and lick the nectar off your hands. Or steep the flower spike in water overnight for a sweet drink. 

(There's no reason to be afraid).


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